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Inner-Painted Crystals

The art form of inner-painted crystals is the culmination of painting, calligraphy and machine work. These exquisite pieces are a symbol of excellence, harmony, respect and friendship, drawing great attention and bringing much enjoyment, and is seen as a most precious gift. Inner painting is an art with a history of more than 200 years.

Most inner painted items use either glass or crystal as the basic material, with crystals being of higher grade and quality. Crystal items are made from a large crystal piece which is cut, shaped and polished. The inside is then cut, drilled and frosted. Our artists then create pictures on the frosted inside wall of the bottle, using three types of brushes(wood, willow and wool)to stick in and use, brushing in reverse, to produce the correct picture. Each brush stroke is incredibly fine, to create extremely lifelike, vibrant and colourful pictures.

Although inner painted snuff bottles and globes are relatively small, they are extraordinarily exquisite and will never fade in colour. They are art products that can be appreciated by all, and display a high level of skill, workmanship and artistry. They display the very best of Chinese culture and art.

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